Delta Anchor Sizing Chart

Use the calculations beneath the table to find the correct anchor size. With a Lewmar anchor on the end of your chain you can sleep soundly whatever the weatherLewmars anchor range includes the legendary Delta Anchor a Lloyds Registered self-launching anchor with a unique geometry and construction.

This Anchor Roller Is Ideal For Most Styles Of Anchors Including Fortress Anchors Fluke Danforth Anchors Wing Delta A Danforth Anchor Delta Anchor Danforth

In addition its low center of gravity and self-righting geometry ensure that the Delta anchor.

Delta anchor sizing chart. Lewmar Delta Anchor facts and features. Kg lb mm in mm in mm in mm in mm in mm in 0057404 4 9 67 ¼ 514 20 ¼ 228 9 8 ⁵₁₆ 387 15 ¼ 210 8 ¼ 0057406 0057306 6 14 67 ¼ 595 23 ⅜ 263 10 ⅜ 10 ⅜ 450 17 ⅝ 241 9 ½. 9 – 13 tonnes.

Windlass Anchoring. Choose an anchor 12 the weight of the plow. 16 – 20 tonnes.

Enter the left column of the table with your boat length. High-grade manganese steel construction gives the Delta anchor maximum tensile strength. Another feature a unique shank profile and ballasted tip allow the Delta anchor to self-launch.

The chart below can be used as a starting point based on your boat size. Anchor Type 1 tonne. 25 – 5 tonnes.

Lloyds Test Certification is available for individual Delta anchors by arrangement. Stainless Steel Lewmar Delta anchors are available to order from 6kg up to and including 63kg. Easy guide to anchor size selection.

Lewmar manufactured from high grade manganese steel. Anchor Size Comparison Chart 6 metres LOA 6 – 8 metres LOA 8 – 10 metres LOA 10 – 12 metres LOA 12 – 14 metres LOA 14 – 16 metres LOA 16 – 18 metres LOA 18 – 20 metres LOA. Our first Delta anchor was undersized for our tank of a boat.

Key Features of Delta Anchor. 5 – 9 tonnes. If you have an exceptionally heavy boat or are anchoring in exceptional conditions typically greater than Gale force winds you may consider going up one size of anchor or larger.

Range from 300kg to 30000kg. According to Jimmy Greens anchor size comparison chart we should have had at least a 20kg anchor and if we were planning on anchoring out often then even bigger still. Performs well in most conditions.

5 – 9 tonnes. Fits most bow rollers. All Delta anchors are guaranteed for life against breakage.

When sizing an anchor or anchor rode its useful to have starting point and to think of the whole system. The general thought seems to be that for any sort of serious anchoring you want to go two sizes bigger than the recommended though theres a lot of debate about whether this necessary for new generation anchors. 12 14 Width x 11 14 Height x 27 38 Length.

Adjustable Fluk Shank angle available 35to 50 Highly efficient when comparing anchor weight to holding power. It has a good holding power per pound about 50 more than the Bruce. Easy dismantling for transport purposes.

Streamlined open construction reduces. ANCHORS Anchor Weight Delta Flipper Style Class C Workboat Danforth Style Class D Stockless Class F. The Lewmar Delta anchor offers innovation durability and strength.

9 – 13 tonnes. ANCHOR WEiGHT BOAT LENGTH OVERALL kg lb 6 20 m ft 92 30 m ft 122 40 m ft 152 50 m ft 183 60 m ft 213 70 m ft 244 80 m ft 274 90 m ft Delta 4 9 Delta 6 14 Delta 10 22 Delta 16 35 Delta 20 44 Delta 25 55 Delta 32 70 Delta 40 88 Delta 50 110 Delta 63 140 GALVANizED STAiNLESS ANCHOR WEiGHT RECOMMENDED CHAiN SizE A B C D E. Read the baseline plow anchor size for your boat.

The anchor sizing chart below assumes average boat characteristics in average anchoring conditions. 100 199 lbs 200 299 lbs 300 499 lbs 500 749 lbs 750 999 lbs 1000 1999 lbs 2000 2999 lbs 3000 3999 lbs 4000 4999 lbs 5000. To choose the correctly sized Rocna or Vulcan anchor for your boat follow the chart and instructions.

DeltaAnchors DeltaAnchor Selection Guide Anchor Size Boat Length Overall Weight m 6 92 122 152 183 213 244 274 kg lb ft 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 Delta 4 9. You can choose from several different models depending on the conditions youll be in and the storage space you have. 13 – 16 tonnes.

1 – 25 tonnes. Both the Delta and the CQR perform well in most bottoms struggling the most in rock. 16 – 20 tonnes.

This is a table developed by American Boat and Yacht Council ABYC to approximate the expected load on the anchor and the anchor rode for given wind speed and boat length. Delta Anchor GALVANIZED STAINLESS ANCHOR WEIGHT RECOMMENDED CHAIN SIZE A B C D E Part No. Limited Holding Power in Mud.

The complete table appears in Section H-40 of ABYCs Standards and. The Delta is arguably the most popular anchor on boats today and is the standard anchor of choice used by most boat manufacturers. 13 – 16 tonnes.

Lewmar also offers an extensive range of chain stoppers and Devils claw roller stoppers. To ensure that your anchor is large enough to hold your boat please refer to the Lewmar Delta Anchor sizing chart below in order to select the proper anchor size. 25 – 5 tonnes.

When choosing the right size boat anchor it is recommended to select it based on the 30 mph wind rating if it will be used as your primary front anchor. To choose the correctly sized Rocna or Vulcan anchor find your vessels length from the column on the left then track across that row until you find the first column with a displacement in tonnes or pounds the same or larger than the displacement of your vessel. You should also take boat weight into account though as well.

1 – 25 tonnes. The chart below lists the recommended WingDelta Anchor Size for various lengths of boats. Please allow suitable a lead time from Lewmar Lewmar aim to carry 6kg-25kg in stock but larger sizes may be subject to manufacturing delays.

Use This Chart Below To Compare Your Delta Anchor Size 4 Kg 9lb To 63 140 Delta Anchor Anchor Delta

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