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The Emissions and Energy Threshold Calculator is a tool to assist users to self-assess if a controlling corporation is likely to have obligations to register and report under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act 2007. Review your choices in the survey.

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Calculator and will compare the size of their carbon footprint with that of another classmate.

Carbon footprint calculator worksheet. Offline Carbon footprint calculator. Docx 1656 KB. Students need to do this step BEFORE.

The lower the number the fewer greenhouse gasses are emitted into the atmosphere. Allow students ample time to complete the worksheet. Carbon Footprint worksheet students are asked to hypothesize about which daily activities in their lives have the largest carbon footprint and record their thoughts on their worksheet.

Everyones carbon footprint is different depending on their location habits and personal choices. Simplified GHG Emissions Calculator. Includes summary questions that address how you could alter your carbon footprint and also question the validityaccuracy of the carbon footprint survey.

Survey with questions that address a variety of aspects of your daily life and calculate a score to estimate how much carbon you produce. The calculator will determine the direct and indirect emissions from all sources at a company when. You can reduce your carbon footprint by driving a more efficient car or driving less.

Student Worksheet and My Energy Diary Background A Carbon Footprint is the measure of CO 2 emissions attributed to an. To define a carbon footprint To ascertain ways in which lifestyle changes can affect your carbon footprint Student Organisation Individual calculation and Groups discussion Materials Needed Calculating Your Carbon Footprint. That are more readily understood by the public.

Calculating Your Carbon Footprint. As a class review the answers to the worksheet. Ask students to think back to the questions asked.

Instruct students to choose the answer that they believe will have the smallest impact on the environment lowest carbon emissions. For example when a CHP system is described as reducing emissions equivalent to 20000 homes this means the difference in carbon. How is a footprint measured.

Of carbon dioxide emissions each year a far greater per capita number than that of any other industrialized country. The CEC presents these relational benefits in terms of the carbon emissions from an average US home. The attached Excel sheet can be used to calculate both CO2 emissions as well as primary energy requirements for the following activities.

In this activity students will calculate their households carbon footprint using the US EPAs Personal Emissions. Calculating my Carbon Footprint worksheet Calculator Per Group Computer with Internet and Excel National Science Education Standards. This total is your carbon footprint in the number of pounds of carbon dioxide per year.

F3b Human activities can also introduce hazards through resource acquisition urban growth land-use decisions and waste disposal. Calculate your carbon footprint Also answer the following questions as you take the survey. Pass out the Calculating our Ecological Footprint worksheet.

Together these emissions make up a households carbon footprint. This is a global problem but you can be a part of the solution. Provide each student with the Carbon Footprint worksheets Parts 1-4.

For an explanation of the calculators assumptions and sources see the Assumptions. The calculator uses the most current energy travel and waste data from the energy log the travel log and the waste log. In fact the US with less than 5 of the worlds population accounts for more than 20 of the worlds total greenhouse gas emissions.

What changes can you make in your life to reduce your carbon. In addition students will be In addition students will be asked to consider the limitations of this online carbon emissions calculator. Carbon Footprint Worksheet 2.

The carbon footprint calculator converts each of these energy travel and waste sources from their original unit of measure for example kWh or miles to tons CO 2 per year by applying emission conversion factors. Have the class share out their data and work together to identify the class high low and average for both carbon saved and carbon emitted. Calculator and will compare the size of their carbon footprint with that of another classmate.

What Kind of Footprint. Use our new carbon footprint calculator and offset your emissions today. In addition students will be asked to consider the limitations of this online carbon emissions calculator.

Carbon emissions from your lifestyle choices from transportation to diet impact the climate. Emissions Calculator icon at the top of the Inputs worksheet. Home energy transportation and waste.

The EPA Simplified GHG Emissions Calculator is designed as a simplified calculation tool to help small business and low emitter organizations estimate and inventory their annual greenhouse gas GHG emissions. The Carbon Footprint Worksheet. Click on your language of preference and then click to the right of the flags to enter.

Heating with oil gas coal wood solar. Have students calculate their carbon footprint individually using the carbon footprint worksheet as a guide. At the beginning of the Part 1.

The calculator estimates your footprint in three areas. Review and clarify the math procedures. Whats your carbon footprint.

The Emissions and Energy Threshold Calculator can be used to obtain an estimate of scope 1 and scope 2 greenhouse.

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